Mark your calendar for National Gymnastics Day! Created by USA Gymnastics, National Gymnastics Day highlights the positive impact that gymnastics for kids has on children in communities all over the world. Celebrate this holiday with one or more of the fun kids gymnastics-themed ideas below.

  1. Post a picture, video, or Boomerang of your child doing their favorite gymnastics skill on a social media platform like Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #TheLittleGym.
  2. Brush up on your gymnastics skills! You and your child can check out these three steps for completing a handstand and have some fun together.
  3. If you’ve been attending The Little Gym for a while, or another kids’ gym facility, you’ve likely collected quite a few medals along the way. Check out this DIY medal holder for keeping all of your child’s medals in one place!
  4. Host a Watch Party! Pre record one of the televised USA Gymnastics meets and invite a few friends over for a watch party. Ask friends to come in their favorite gymnastics gear and purchase pizza, popcorn, or other special treats to make it a full day of gymnastics fun.
  5. Did you know? In ancient gymnastics, they jumped over bulls instead of vaults. School your child with these gymnastics fun-facts!
  6. Have a ribbon dancer on your hands? These DIY Ribbon Wands are perfect for your child’s living-room floor routine!
  7. Print out and color the official National Gymnastics Day coloring sheet then, display it on your refrigerator at home.
  8. This DIY popsicle stick gymnast ornament would make the perfect addition to any holiday tree.
  9. Make your child into their very own gymnastics-themed paper doll with this craft!
  10. Enroll in classes at your local The Little Gym! To find our kids gym near you, click here.