Tap into your child’s creativity and imagination with this foundational intro to dance technique. Our Pre-K Dance classes at The Little Gym include:

  • Fundamental dance skills, from traditional ballet to jazz and hip hop.
  • Directive music and creative movement that emphasize rhythm, muscle memory, and counting.
  • A progressive skill growth path to help develop a love of dance and performance.

Designed specifically for the imaginative spirits of 3-6-year-olds, this class offers a foundational introduction to dance technique, ensuring that every child’s first steps into the world of dance are filled with fun, learning, and creativity.

The Pre-K Dance Class is not just about teaching dance moves; it’s about igniting a passion. It’s where traditional ballet meets the vibrant energy of jazz and hip hop, creating a diverse and enriching experience for every young dancer.

Why Choose Pre-K Dance at The Little Gym

A Journey Through Dance Genres

Our curriculum is a delightful blend of various dance forms. From the graceful moves of traditional ballet to the dynamic beats of jazz and hip hop, your child gets a taste of multiple genres, ensuring a well-rounded dance education.

Directive Music and Creative Movement

Dance is as much about listening as it is about moving. Our classes use directive music that emphasizes rhythm, muscle memory, and counting. This approach not only helps in skill development but also enhances your child’s ability to interpret music through movement.

Progressive Skill Growth Path

At The Little Gym, we believe in nurturing a love for dance that lasts a lifetime. Our Pre-K Dance class follows a progressive skill growth path. As your child masters the basics, they are gradually introduced to more advanced techniques, ensuring continuous growth and development. This approach not only enhances their skills but also builds their confidence, preparing them for more advanced classes and performances.

Tapping into Creativity and Imagination

Dance is an expression, and our class is designed to tap into your child’s innate creativity and imagination. Whether they’re pretending to be swans gliding on a lake or hip-hop stars performing for a crowd, every session is a new adventure, fueling their imagination and love for dance.

Expert Guidance and Safe Environment

Our instructors are the heart and soul of the Pre-K Dance class. Trained specifically to work with young children, they ensure that every child feels valued, safe, and encouraged. Their expertise ensures that even the most complex moves are broken down into fun, manageable steps, making the learning process both safe and enjoyable.

The Pre-K Dance Program at The Little Gym is more than just a dance class; it’s a journey of discovery. It’s where your child will learn, grow, express, and most importantly, develop a lifelong love for dance.   Try us out  or  enroll your child  in our Pre-K Dance class and watch them twirl, jump, and groove their way into the mesmerizing world of dance.