Dancers focus on proper technique—from traditional ballet to jazz and hip hop —while adding new movements, new sequences, and a love for dance as an expressive art form. At The Little Gym our dance program includes:

  • Classes that follow a sequential skill growth path.
  • Increasingly challenging routines that tone both muscles and memory.
  • Encouragement of self-expression to build creativity and confidence.

As children transition from their early years to the challenges of grade school, our dance class offers them an avenue to channel their energy, creativity, and passion.

The Grade School Dance Class is not just about teaching dance steps; it’s about cultivating a deeper appreciation for dance as an expressive art form. From the graceful elegance of traditional ballet to the dynamic beats of jazz and hip hop, this class offers a comprehensive dance education tailored for the growing aspirations of grade schoolers.

Why Choose Grade School Dance at The Little Gym

Diverse Dance Techniques for Holistic Development

Our curriculum is a rich tapestry of various dance forms. While the foundation is laid with traditional ballet, dancers also explore the energetic realms of jazz and hip hop. This diverse approach ensures that they receive a well-rounded dance education, focusing on proper technique across genres.

Sequential Skill Growth Path

Dance is a journey, and every class at The Little Gym is a step forward on this path. Following a sequential skill growth approach, as dancers master foundational moves, they are seamlessly introduced to more advanced techniques, ensuring continuous growth and refinement of skills.

Challenging Routines for Mind and Body

Dance is as much a mental activity as it is physical. Our increasingly challenging routines are designed to tone both muscles and memory. As dancers learn new sequences, they not only enhance their physical agility but also sharpen their memory and concentration.

A Platform for Self-Expression

At The Little Gym, we believe that dance is one of the purest forms of self-expression. Our classes provide ample opportunities for dancers to interpret music in their unique way, encouraging creativity. This approach not only helps in skill development but also builds confidence, as dancers learn to express themselves without inhibitions.

Expert Guidance in a Nurturing Environment

The success of our Grade School Dance class lies in the expertise and dedication of our instructors. Trained to work with grade schoolers, they ensure that every dancer, whether a beginner or advanced, feels valued, encouraged, and challenged. Their guidance ensures that every move, no matter how intricate, is learned with precision and grace.

Our Grade School Dance Class at The Little Gym is a transformative experience. It’s where young dancers hone their skills, discover their unique style, and develop a lifelong passion for dance.   Try us out  or  enroll your child  in our Grade School Dance class and watch them evolve from enthusiastic learners to confident and expressive dancers, ready to take on the world, one dance step at a time.