Our Good Friends Pre-K Gymnastics Class is a unique and enriching experience tailored for the budding gymnasts aged 5-6 years. As the name suggests, this class is not just about physical growth; it’s about forming bonds, building trust, and preparing little ones for the more structured world of grade school gymnastics. With a curriculum that balances skill development and fun, Good Friends is the perfect stepping stone for your child’s gymnastic journey.

The Good Friends class is designed with a clear vision: to harness the natural energy and curiosity of children and channel it into meaningful skill development, all while fostering a sense of camaraderie and teamwork.

Why Choose Good Friends Pre-K Gymnastics

Intermediate Skills for a Smooth Transition

As children approach grade school, their capacity for more intricate movements grows. The Good Friends class introduces them to intermediate skills that bridge the gap between preschool and grade school gymnastics, ensuring a seamless transition.

Boosting Sequential Memory Skills

One of the unique features of this class is its focus on improving sequential memory. Children are taught more complex skill combinations, which not only enhances their physical abilities but also sharpens their memory. Remembering the sequence of movements and executing them flawlessly is a challenge that stimulates their cognitive faculties.

Confidence Through Independent Growth and Teamwork

Every child’s journey in the Good Friends class is twofold. On one hand, they experience the joy of independent skill growth, mastering moves on their own. On the other, they learn the value of teamwork, understanding that some tasks are best achieved together. This dual approach ensures a holistic boost in confidence.

Advanced Tumbling Skills for Flexibility and Control

Tumbling is an integral part of gymnastics, and in the Good Friends class, it’s taken to the next level. Children are introduced to advanced tumbling techniques that not only look impressive but also significantly improve flexibility and body control. Each tumble, roll, and flip is a testament to their growing mastery over their bodies.

Safety and Expert Guidance

Our instructors are the backbone of the Good Friends class. Trained specifically to work with 5-6-year-olds, they ensure that every child is learning in a safe and nurturing environment. Their expertise ensures that even the most complex moves are taught in a manner that’s both safe and comprehensible.

The Little Gym’s Good Friends Pre-K Gymnastics Class is more than just a physical training session. It’s a space where children grow, not just as gymnasts, but as confident individuals ready to take on the challenges of grade school. Try us out  or  enroll now in the Good Friends class and watch your child leap, roll, and soar, all while forming bonds that’ll last a lifetime.