Read, Move & Groove

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Read, Move, & Groove at The Little Gym: Where Stories Come to Life!

Jump into the vibrant world of Read, Move, & Groove at The Little Gym, a fantastic fusion of literature and lively motion tailored for our young gymnasts. As your child dives into mesmerizing tales, they’re also introduced to a symphony of movements, from twirls to tumbles, making each story an active adventure.
Key Features:

  • Interactive Storytime: Dive deep into exciting tales that spark imagination.
  • Physical Fun: Boost coordination, balance, and agility through engaging movements.
  • Rhythmic Delights: Experience the pulse of music and dance as stories unfold.

Unleash the potential of words and wiggles at The Little Gym! With Read, Move, & Groove, every page turned is a step, jump, or jive in the right direction. Join us and let your little one’s imagination soar while their feet find the rhythm of adventure.

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